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Ted Hughes

Poetry, Life, and Plath

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This group is for the posting of Ted Hughes poetry, especially that poetry that relates to his life with Sylvia Plath (Hughes). Also, any other interesting tid-bits that come my way regarding their relationship, comments on his poetry, literary discussion, news articles, magazine articles, literary criticism and the like may find their way here as well.

Anyone can join. Posting is allowed. However, to maintain the integrity of the community's group statement regarding content, all posts will go through the moderator prior to being posted. Comments and discussion are welcome. Please, be kind to your fellow LJ community members, no personal insults, bashing, mean spirited-ness. . .etc., when it comes to the content of your comments. I don't want to have to ban anyone but if it comes to that I will.

In addition, when you are posting poetry please include the source and also include at the bottom of the piece, the author's name. it may be that one day someone comes across a poem about Ted and if it is posted here without the author's name some confusion may arise. No need for that if we just give credit where credit is due.

Thank you for your interest and enjoy!
--Jennifer Quinlan

P.S. Let it be known, I am NOT a Hughes sympathizer in regard to his connection and possible influence in Sylvia Plath's suicide. I am also NOT one who attempts to lay blame. I am interested in the connection between the lives of two influential poets and the writing that came forth possibly as a result of having known one another intimately.